Boston College. Again. Son of a bitch.


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  1. i don’t know which was worse, the loss or constantly being reminded that i was a sophomore nine years ago.

    insult + injury = worst loss ever. 🙁

    i hope you didn’t stay up for it.

  2. No. We had a bunch of friends over last night and I got completely plastered. So in my case,

    hangover + defeat = worst loss ever. 🙁

  3. I apologize. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. I jinxed the Irish by jumping on the bandwagon. For whatever reason this fall, my interest in a team equals the kiss of death.

  4. at least i had the sense to change the channel before they started showing the BC students storming our field. again.

    keep pushing those positive fluids.

  5. It hurt. But really, I think anyone watching the game could plainly see that there were Dark Magicks behind that loss. There’s a hex on those green uniforms.

    On the upside, I didn’t expect us to win the first three games this season, so it’s not all that bad.

  6. i am going to get mauled by irish haters in class today, but oh well. it has been a wonderful season, but i agree, what’s up with the green uniforms? i liked the blue better.

  7. Didn’t they bust out the green for a Bowl game during one of our years? And they lost then too. I like the idea of it, but right now the good luck has officially worn out. He should’ve saved it til the end of the season.

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