Does anyone else think Mariah Carey sounds legitimately insane? (Scroll down.) Seriously, who calls people “lambs”? Crazy people, that’s who.


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  1. she’s a freak. a super freak. she’s super freaky.

    i watched part of an MTV interview with her a couple of weeks ago. she’s completely wacko.

  2. Too right!! I remember reading about her appearance at a charity event for children in Third World countries. When asked what she thought of the situation there, she replied (something along the lines of) “well, it’d be cool as you’d get to be really skinny living in those countries, but I think I’d hate all the flies”. Needs no comment 🙂

  3. so that’s why the lambs were screaming. only when pariah scary stops recording will the lambs be silent. 😉

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