My friend Major just e-mailed to let me know that somebody linked to my Roald Dahl site in this Metafilter thread about Shel Silverstein. Cool.

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  1. i love the word “saucy.” especially since i’m D-R-U-N-K. waHOO! telecommuting for a west coast company rawks!

  2. Hahaha… Drunken comments are the best. I hope you’re not sitting home alone drinkin’ with Cleo though!

  3. nah, i was out with the girls (thank goodness) tonight. i was out with the Wednesday Night Movie Club Posse celebrating my closest friend here in the ‘Folk’s 30th. still, there’s not much fun about composing a way-long e-mail to your far-flung love 76-odd days from his return. this [insert ALL CAPS expletive here] sucks. 🙁

  4. but enough about me…

  5. Whoa. And hey, it’s like one in the morning there! Go to bed, drunky! You’ll feel better in the morning. You’re over the hump; 76 is nothin’. (So says the girl who hasn’t spent more than a week apart from the Snook in nearly three years, so obviously I’m talkin’ out my ass here.) But aren’t you going to see him soon? Hang in there…

  6. 1:13a. i’m not that bright (but am still spell-checking like a CHAMP). the sun will come out, in 30 days or so…

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