The Prime Minister of Australia has a weblog. A sample:

    Oh my God! Best. Weekend. EVER. The APEC summit was soooooo much fun… [T]he best, coolest, most totally wicked part of the summit? George Bush was there!!! And Tony Blair wasn’t!!! We hung out heaps, sometimes it was even just the two of us! Well, like there were security guys and stuff, but apart from that, it was just us! Janette wouldn’t let me bring my Playstation, but I snuck my Gameboy up there and we played that heaps, mainly during the boring politics stuff. I asked George if he wanted to come jogging with me, but he didn’t. Probably ’cause it was so hot. I thought Mexico would be cold, ’cause it’s near Chile, but it’s not. It’s kinda like the Northern Territory, but with less Aboriginals and more cactuses… Anyway, it was totally gnarly and I reckon Tony Blair’s heaps jealous that he wasn’t there.



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  1. It’s the best, isn’t it? 🙂 I wonder if he’s read it yet. Surely his media scouts would have come across it.

  2. I found it via this Herald column. Apparently they called up the PM’s representatives and they hadn’t heard of it. I wonder what they could do? Do you guys have constitutionally-protected parody? The blog’s written by a 17-year-old Melbourne girl. I read through all the archives and just laughed and laughed. It’s just spot on. Whoever she is, she’s brilliant.

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