The World Trade Organization is meeting in Sydney this Friday and – as you might expect – protests are looming. City cops have just made matters worse by refusing to grant a permit for a peaceful march tomorrow. It’s going to turn into chaos, I just know it. I wonder if I can convince the Snook to stay home.

(Incidentally, check out the list of “essential protesting gear” at the end of that article: helmet, sealed goggles, gas mask, and clothing that seals at the neck and cuffs. I don’t get the last one. What’s that for?)


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  1. pepper spray, tear gas, and/or who knows what other sundry crowd control chemicals in aerosol form. i think you’ve got the best strategy—don’t go downtown and make sure your house is all good and sealed up if you’re close to the protests. be sure to bring your worms inside if you are as they breathe through their skin! 😉

  2. If you were preparing for a CBR (chemical, biological, and/or radiological) attack, you would want clothes that seal at neck and cuffs along with headtight mask (that covers entire shaven face; facial hair prohibits good airtight seal), gloves, and boots for full protection. You are not in this situation, however, so no need!

    I lived within the protest/curfew zone during the Seattle WTO protests in ’99, and although I could sense a slightly sneezy effect in the air from the pepper spray near my apt, I certainly didn’t need protective gear.

    Brigita’s right on, however, about your worms. They are much more sensitive than you! They biggest impact you and Snook will probably feel from the protest are around transportation (crowded) and commerce (shut down, maybe a few smashed windows).

    Have you read up on the reasons there are protests? You might want to get out and protest yourself.. (not that I knew enought to do so myself, but my sister does, and supports the protestors when the WTO meets in D.C.)

  3. I’m not too worried about us here at the house. Tomorrow’s march was supposed to take place down in the CBD at Hyde Park, which is far enough away. (Though the Snook walks past there on his way to work, which is why I want him to stay home.) Then the meeting and big protest Friday are at Homebush, which is out where the Olympics were held (a couple miles outside the city proper). So we’ll be okay. Like you said, it’s mostly the transportation and commerce issues.

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