Some evil spamming bastards have been apparently scraping my site’s comments for e-mail addresses. Apologies to everyone involved. I guess I’m going to have to try to figure out a way to spam-proof the site. Until I come up with something, you may want to leave your e-mail addresses off when you comment. (Although at this point, it may be trying to shut the barn door after the horse is already out.)


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  1. If you ever switch to MT, there is spam-protection built in. Not sure how you would do it on a non-PHP/PERL based site, though.

  2. This site is PHP-based. I like the idea of MT, but I take too much pride in having written my own system. How do they do it? Just add “NOSPAM” to all the mailto links?

  3. Ah-ha! I figured it out. They just replace the punctuation in the mailto link with the character entity codes. I’ll do that tonight.

  4. Oh yeah I got some spam once way back after posting here (my email was probably but not definitely harvested from here), that’s why I stopped putting my email in. I have an email address that I use for high spam risk situations, but I never check it so, well, I guess that kind of defeats the purpose. Huh, I wonder if the iTools email I registered for a year ago and never used is still active…Can you really make a site spambot safe?

  5. I think you can make it safe against robot scrapers, but a human person could always go through and defeat whatever precautions I take. Which sucks.

    I doubt your iTools account is still active, Dan, since they turned it into a subscription service a few months ago.

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