The drought rages on. The city has imposed voluntary water restrictions to try to bring the level in our reservoirs back up. Apparently “voluntary” means they’re not going to fine you if you water your lawn, but they’re urging your neighbors to tell you on if you do. Hmmm. Fine, I can refrain from watering during the day. But my worms need moisture or they’ll dry out and die! I figure I can also stop taking the occasional bath and go back to just showering. I’ll miss my bath bombs though!


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  1. hmm. i was under the impression that baths use LESS water than showers…did i get it backwards?

  2. Good luck. Are huge bluegrass lawns popular with Aussies, or are they a uniquely American method of wasting millions of gallons of water? (They make sense in the south & east, but it kills me when people flock to arid regions like Colorado and insist on having expansive green everywhere.)

  3. I also thought that baths used less water than showers (unless you’re neurotic like me and have to shower after a bath because you feel scummy from sitting in your own dirty bathwater).

  4. On the bath vs. shower thing, I think it depends on how long a shower you take and how big your bathtub is. We’ve got a big deep tub (which is why it’s nice to take baths in), but if I put in the plug while taking a shower there’s no way I’d use the same amount of water. Here’s more. Basically, if you take 10-minute-or-under showers, you probably use way less water than bathing.

    They’re not too bad with the grass here, I think. This shouldn’t be an arid region, and normally we get a decent amount of rain. They just get a drought every 10 years. Even so, they still don’t have a *huge* amount of water, so in recent years there’s been a push to get people to use more native Australian plants in their gardens because they’re better adapted and use much less water. Unfortunately I’ve never really seen that done well in the city. Your yard just ends up looking like icky bare scrub with a couple sad looking palms in it. (The Snooks live out in the country though, and they have a total bush Eden going on up there.)

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