RunLog: Two more personal bests! I finally broke eleven minutes for the mile, and I finished the 5K in 37:00 flat. My back didn’t trouble me at all and my tendon hasn’t hurt since I got the new shoes. Of course, now I have new problems. After I got off the treadmill I went to stretch and noticed myself feeling very woozy and dizzy. I don’t think it was a dehydration issue, because I hadn’t had any less to drink today than I normally do. I sat down for a minute and it went away. But get this: fifteen minutes later I was at the post office waiting in a huge line to pick up a package. They had the air con cranked way high and I was still warm from the gym. Suddenly my stomach just started cramping and I felt like I was going to be sick. I was sweaty and clammy and I could feel my stomach churning. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and headed home as quickly as I could. So what was up with that, I ask you more experienced runners? Was I actually dehydrated? Or was it going from the very warm outside to the really cool inside? Hmm, the water I was drinking during my run had come from the fridge, so could the coldness of that have been a factor? This has never happened to me before, and it made me feel so crummy that I want to avoid it happening again.

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  1. congrats on your continuing successes, kris! seeing your performance improve is really the best motivation there is. 😉

    i’m going to guess that dizziness and nausea would be due to dehydration, but i’m no doctor, nor am i any sort of running guru.

    there could be some electrolyte issue going on there, but i’ve heard that only serious athletes deplete their electrolytes enough that they merit replacement with sports drinks.

    did you drink water continuously over the day or did you drink a lot before and after the run? also, did you cool down on the treadmill or just stop running and get off?

  2. I’ve puked before after playing some very intense basketball in very hot weather. Hit me afterwards: 30 minutes or so after a cold stop. But I don’t remember dizziness. I can tell you, tho, that kind of vomiting is not so bad. I had so much fluids in me that it was basically just a reverse gulp of water. After I saw all the mucus in there tho, I decided I would start spitting a lot more when playing ball. Sorry if that’s a gross out but that’s how it is. Anyway, could be you just ate some bad kangaroo 😉

  3. I’ll add my congrats on your progress as well! Ditto on all that Brigita said.

    As it’s getting to be summer for you, the heat/cold thing could be what’s getting to you. Heat stress can cause those symptoms. Be sure to cool down after running; I usually walk for a few minutes before stopping. I’ll get dizzy, too, if I stop too quickly.

    Another thing that may be going on is low blood sugar. I have felt nauseous after long runs in the past, and used to attribute that to dehydration. After reading something about low blood sugar this summer, however, I experimented with eating an energy bar or goo on my long runs, and the bad feelings went away. So maybe it’s the low carb diet?

    It could also have been a fluke thing.

  4. Thanks you guys. (Sorry for always asking you to diagnose me!) I’m thinking it was a combination of factors. 1) I hadn’t eaten any lunch, only breakfast, and this was at like 4:00. So the blood sugar could’ve been a factor. 2) The gym was pretty cool overall, but the sun was shining through the window on me and I think it might have led me to gulp more water than I usually do. 3) I walked a few minutes when I was done, but I was in a hurry to get to the post office before they closed. So not enough cool down. 4) There might have been an element of food nastiness in there too, as I still feel a bit crummy this morning. (But no kangaroo so far this week, Dan.) 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for all your encouragement. I think I’ve just been so excited at my progress that occasionally I push myself too hard or don’t take the proper precautions beforehand. Lesson learned, I guess.

  5. You really have to eat lunch that defentatly would do the trick to all your stmtoms. As for cool downs stretch slowly after running to relax you can you muscle and dont go straight to walking from running jog slowly for a little bit. Keep trying.. You can do it. As for me I just started training again for the spring…IM DOING GREAT!!! I rally believe I can do anything now Im at 6:30 7 minuts a mile Keep trying anf another thing Always drink water the temperature of the air its a lot easier on your body.

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