Heh. You could put your weed in there. (Am I the only one that still quotes that sketch? Do you even know what I’m talking about?)


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  1. We quote that all the time, but I’ve forgotten which comedy show the original sketch was from. Was it from SNL, Mad, or The State? It’s not In Living Color, I don’t think.

  2. It was definitely SNL, but I can’t remember the actor. Was it Rob Schneider?

  3. It was Rob Schneider, definitely. The joke was that he was working in a store that sold primitive art objects or art from other lands or something, and every item happened to have a niche that you could put your…well, you know the joke. (I think the humor came from the fact that the customer was never actually interested in a convenient place to keep his/her weed.)

  4. We say it way more than we should. Little trinkety things always bring it out.

  5. snl, yes. i say it all the time. man, that sketch was the worst / best! total 12:55-er (you know, when they run out of ideas).

  6. Way too funny… Here’s the transcript: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/93/93aweed.phtml

  7. Nice. How random is it that Charles Barkley was in that sketch? 🙂

  8. probably THE best skit ever!! well, it was pretty hilarious anyway. does anyone know where i can see a clip or the full the thing on video?

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