New Poll: Now I’m thinking about my new DVDs. For those of you that watched the show, which guy did you like the best? When I was Angela’s age, I was all about Jordan. Now that I’m older and more mature, I’ll go with the sensitive nerdy Brian Krakow type every time. (I’ve also thrown in the Dad and the Gay Best Friend for those of you with different tastes.)


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  1. I got the MSCL set a week ago and I’m loving it!! I’d definitely give Brian a second look (Angela is sooooo terrible to him, as I was to those geeky guys who were the only ones who paid any attention to me in high school). Last summer I saw a film at the Seattle International Film Fest called
    The Anarchist Cookbook where it took me half the film to realize that the cute main actor was Brian!! I’m just waiting for a wider release of the film so others can enjoy it (and him).

    Other than the nostalgia, however, today’s me is totally into Angela’s dad. He’s cute, faithful, romantic, a reasonable age, and a foodie to boot!

    How sad and old (over 30!) am I…

    Jordan Milano was always too pretty and too dumb. (Yup, once and always an intellectual snob.)

  2. Wow, Krakow’s still acting? I’m going to have to look out for him.

  3. I have no idea what this show is – never heard of it! When was it popular? I’m going to guess that it was around 1988-1993 period…

  4. You’re kidding! It was on only for a year in the States; 94-95 if I recall correctly. It was the best angsty teenage show ever. My Sassy-reading self still remembers the Very Special Christmas Episode where Rickie was homeless and Juliana Hatfield played an angel. This show made Claire Danes. (Maybe if you’re lucky, somebody could, like, rip the DVD’s and, uh, loan you a copy. Or something. We’ll talk.)

  5. yeah, jordan was dumb…but he was quiet. and superfine.

  6. Yeah, I was totally into the Jordan-types in high school. But as far as the show is concerned, I always liked Brian better.

    I have a hard time making up my mind which kind of guy I go for the most. I think I compromised in high school by dating hot Alpha geeks who programmed RPG games in C++ AND played guitar. Heh.

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