Thanksgiving Marble Magnets

Hello Kitty PilgrimsThanksgiving Marble Magnets!
I spent the morning scouring the Internet for images to use for some Thanksgiving marble magnets. I’m going to print them out on a color laser printer and then put the magnets together this afternoon. In case any of you would like to do the same, I’ve provided my image sheet for you to use. Here’s the low-res version so you can see all the different designs. There are some cartoons, some stylized images, and even some Norman Rockwell scenes. If you want to use them, download the high-res version. It’s at 300 dpi, which should give you a nice crisp image when you print. They’re designed for 20 mm diameter magnets, so if you need them larger or smaller, you might need to change the resolution slightly. Have fun!


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  1. i’ve had a little look around in singapore for marble magnet supplies, but no joy. i’m going to save your graphics for potential future use anyway. they are too good to miss out on!

  2. Do you guys have Target there? Another commenter recently said that the Australian Target stores were selling kits. Maybe you could find something like that…

  3. No Target for us. I spotted the right glue stuff in Mustafa’s (large all purpose Indian run department store that sells everything from cricket bats to cadbury’s quality street), but no magnets or marbles. So I didn’t get it. Probably going to end up regretting that.

  4. Or I could wait until I get to Oz in like 3 weeks and go to the Target in Canberra…

  5. Heh. Good idea. Hitting Sydney at all? You should come see our new place and try some home brew! 🙂

  6. We will be in Sydney over New Year, from Dec 30 – Jan 2 at least, staying in Manly, near my sister’s fiance’s family. My Mum and Dad are doing their “Meet the Parents” tour before next year’s weddings. Oh boy. Anyway, yes, if you and Rodd are going to be around, it would be great to meet up at some point. Mmm. Home brew.

  7. Hmmm, New Year’s. The stout should be finished by then! 🙂

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