Can you tell your arse from your elbow? I can’t. I only got 9 out of 14. (Link courtesy of Fredo.)

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  1. I got 13/14 – it’s all about the symmetry! also, i am drunk. boooooo usc. that game blew. tailgating was fun, though… even had a jenny allen spotting. nice. go irish? dammit!

  2. Nice. You did even better than Rodd.

    I wish I’d been drunk. That game blew, and I paid like $6 to listen to it on the Internet. Whatever.

  3. I got 12/14–but then again I was sober when I did it. Perhaps alcohol opens some doors of perception that were closed to me?

    I got way too technical about it–looking not for symmetry but for the telltale bulge of an upper arm shape at the edge of each picture. That said, the quiz sure was arse-heavy, so to speak.

  4. I got 11. And now, whenever I see elbows I get kinda hot.

  5. 9; I had no idea how similar those body parts could look! I kept looking at my own elbow which between the freckles, faint veins, and light hair, hopefully looks nothing like my arse. 😉

  6. I got 10/14 but when it comes to recognising arses I guess it takes one to know one…

    I could never use my elbow for something like that ’cause it’s way too hairy…Oh, wait, shouldn’t that be my arse?

    I’ll get my coat.

  7. 13/14 – Since I spend so much time crawling up trouser legs I can easily tell an arse when I see one.

    The whole task would have been easier if there had been smell too.

    Glad I didn’t score the lowest as then I would have been bottom of the group. Sorry couldn’t resist that cheeky joke 🙂

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