“I’d like to be… a DENTIST!”
Matt linked to a great article about my favorite Christmas special: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I’d love to see the restored version on DVD, especially the bit about Yukon Cornelius finding a peppermint mine. (So that’s why he kept licking his pickaxe!) My favorite character is Hermey, who I’ve been known to quote on occasion. (But nobody ever realizes what I’m quoting.) And remember everyone… BUMBLES BOUNCE!


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  1. Yea!!!!! I’m glad someone else does it too. I’m often heard saying, “I want to beeeeee….a dentist!” It’s my favorite (behind A Year Without a Santa Clause…there’s just no beating Heatmeiser and Snowmeiser)

  2. Except you’re not a dentist! You should say “optometrist” instead. 🙂

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