The Snook sent me a link to, like, the weirdest Flash movie ever. It’s sort of a tribute to Mario Brothers. I liked the music, but the “potty break” bit is a little gross. (<nerd>I played Super Mario Bros. so much on the original NES that I could defeat the game without dying once.</nerd>)


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  1. I’ve been debating posting, but I’ve decided that declaring my love of technology can never hurt… The Mario Twins song in the flash movie is Group X, who are a pack of white boys from the suburbs of Atlanta who rap with fake middle eastern accents. If you like irreverence and offensive songs, let me recommend their work. Point is, I just thought it was really crazy that you (on the other side of the world) would have a funny video using a song from a band whose lead singer just took a french final with me. Technology makes it happen…

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting! Tell him his song cracked me up… 🙂

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