What’s the title of the story? You know, the science-fiction story about the school kids in the future in the place where it always rains and then one day out of, like, every 50 years the sun comes out? And they lock a girl in the closet and she misses it? Well anyway, Sydney is like the reverse of that right now. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering what the strange noise was. It was rain. It’s been drizzling all morning too. I can tell our flowers and plants are just soaking it up. It’s so weird to see puddles in the road. It’s odd to me that this weather condition – which was the frickin’ norm in London – is now so foreign to me. Moral of the story? Don’t take your rain for granted.


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  1. “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury. I cried at the end of the made-for-TV version–in my 7th grade English class, no less! Do I get a prize, or was it more of a rhetorical thing? 🙂

    (The competitive English and sci-fi nerd in me forced me to post, I swear…)

  2. Oh, I was definitely asking. I thought it might be Bradbury, but I figured asking you guys would be quicker than Googling. I was right!

    No prize though, other than my thanks. Oh, and maybe a Christmas card, if I can get off my bum and send them. 🙂

  3. OMFG. I didn’t even remember that until you said something! I watched it in 6th grade in Mr. Ford’s class. I remember I was feeling sick and my antibiotics were making me all crazy and I cried for that girl – I felt so sorry for her!! Geez, now i wanna watch it again!!

  4. This is weird, because when I mentioned it to the Snook he also remembered the movie right away. But I’ve never seen it! I read the story in some junior high literature anthology, but I don’t remember ever seeing the filmed version. I wonder if you can get it on video…

  5. I finally was able to borrow this video through my local library interlibrary loan. They got it from Dover Delaware Public Library, so check out your library. It is a very cool video.

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