Today’s Flash Fun: You have to try this weird Japanese game called Roomania that the Snook found. I had no idea what the instructions say, but basically you’re presented with scenes from a person’s house and you have to click on these little tiny people hidden in the picture. There’s a counter at the bottom that tells you how many you have left before the timer runs out. You can zoom in too. (Tip: play it with the sound on. The little guys yell at you if you mouseover them.) I’ve tried like ten times and I can’t get past level three, while the Snook claims he finished it on his third try. Come on, one of you guys has to be able to beat him…

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  1. Okay, I finished level 3 but level 4 is pure CRAZINESS.

  2. Defeated the bastard on, like, my fifteenth try. That last round is intense.

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