Funky Chicken Pincushion

Funky Chicken PincushionsCutest. Craft. Ever. I’ve had this Funky Chicken Pincushion pattern bookmarked for ages, and last night I finally decided to give it a try. They’re really easy to make. (The hardest part was getting the squares, uh, square.) I did them on the machine, but you could probably hand sew them too. I stuffed them with leftover quilt batting and sewed on buttons for eyes. Aren’t they so friggin’ cute? I have a ridiculous urge to make about fifty and sell them at the hippie market on the weekend. They’d make awesome Christmas presents.

Sidenote: I was just going to embroider the eyes until the Snook pointed out that there’s a button shop just a couple blocks from our house. I’m like, “How can anyone run a business that only sells buttons?” Curiousity piqued, I scampered off to find it. Turns out it’s called “All Buttons Great and Small”, and it really does just sell buttons. There are big ones and little ones and shiny ones and ones shaped like farm animals. I loved it. I wanted to possess all the buttons. Am I turning into Martha Stewart or what?

UPDATE: The link to the original website with the pattern doesn’t work, so I wrote up what I could remember from memory here. Please don’t e-mail me saying you can’t find it!


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  1. they are adorable. you *should* make a bunch and take them to the market. i’m sure they’d sell like hot cakes.

  2. Well, I told my plan to the Snook and he replied, “You’ve got a job now! You don’t need to be a hippy.” He’s probably right. 🙂

  3. sure you don’t need to be a hippy, but i think it’d be kinda cool to have other people buy stuff that you made.

  4. You’re scaring me now…..what’s Aim say……oh yeah, pod people.

  5. Don’t worry. I’m not *completely* becoming Martha Stewart, Dad. As proof I offer up the fact that I just finally cleaned off the last dirty dish from my Thanksgiving dinner party. When was that? TWELVE DAYS AGO. (It was my crockpot, and I made baked beans in it. I filled it with water and just shoved it in the corner. Eventually we just left it there to see what would happen.) See? I’m still gross, messy old me. 🙂

  6. Ooh! We do that sort of thing in our house, too. I can’t make alfredo sauce anymore without gagging… That stuff don’t smell so good when you leave it in a pot on the stove for a week. o_O

    I swear we’re not slobs all the time, though… Just when it comes to the dishes.

  7. And the hens are way cute, too!


  9. None of the sites that list the funky pincusion pattern will open..I even wrote Joann because it pops up as having it, but they acted as if they had never heard of it…Can you please pass the pattern along to me and my friends?

  10. Hi Joyce! I wrote the pattern down as best I can remember here. Let me know if you have any problems with that!

  11. It would help me if I had dimensions. I have never made one of htese guys before–not sure I have even see them.If the pattern is available, please send it.

  12. Hi, Suebee. Just follow the pattern I wrote linked in the comment above yours. You don’t really need dimensions as you can make the chickens any size.

  13. Hey! i tried to use that link for the chicken pin cushions but it didnt work. i think this are great, and i plan on making tons of them and selling them too at our local farmers market, but is there someone i need to talk to before that? is there legal trouble i could get into?
    if you can help please do!

  14. Ashley – If you read up about four comments, there’s a link to a version of the pattern that I wrote down. I don’t think you’ll have any problem selling them; it’s not like they’re that original that somebody would have them copyrighted.

  15. I cant find the pattern for the chicken pincushion 🙁 does anyone have the pattern I can get. The website you pointed to is no longer there. Help!

  16. Nancy – Didn’t you read the comments? THERE’S A LINK TO THE PATTERN about six comments up. Sheesh. Maybe I’ll edit the post and put it there since no one reads!

  17. Kris:

    Try to go to one of the links and you will find that the links are either broken or . . . no longer there. Sorry didnt mean to upset anyonel

  18. The link to the original pattern is broken. That’s what just about every comment above this one says. So I wrote it up myself and linked to it within this website. Again, here it is. Sorry to be so blunt, but it just annoys when fifteen people in a row ask the same question and don’t bother to look for the answer!

  19. I have the first page, am looking for second, cleaning my sewing room, if I find will try to forward on to you

  20. I believe the original link is no longer up, because the pattern is being sold at quilt shops now.

    I did pick one up for 5.99 USD a few months ago, before I found this site. It does make up very quickly and easily, and is very cute.

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