Bow down before the Queen of Putrescence! I just cleaned out the “worm buckets”, which are two plastic buckets we keep under the sink for vegetable scraps. The theory is, once one is full, you start filling the second. By the time the second is full, the first has “broken down” (i.e. rotted) a little bit and you dump it on the worms. Then you start filling that bucket all over again. Unfortunately in reality I tend to forget about the buckets for weeks and weeks. Finally today I broke down and opened them up. It was – hands down – the nastiest sight I’ve ever seen in my life. One wasn’t too bad, and I managed to hold my breath long enough to dump it in the worm farm. The other though… *shudder* Something we put in there bred slugs. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject. Never ask me about it again. I took care of it. Now I’m going to go take forty-seven showers.


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  1. Slugs in the BUCKET? Ewww! Any organism that can just like, magically sprout from old vegetables must be evil. Gross.

  2. Ugh, nasty. I’m tryin’ to eat my lunch, man!

  3. EWWWWW. We’ve never had that happen with our compost bucket. . . thank god.

  4. The whole situation is justified by the ability to use that opening line.

  5. I’m trying not to think about how the slugs got in there, Claire. Either A) a huge muscleman slug oozed under our sink, pried the lid off the bucket, and laid eggs, or B) the slug eggs (or spores or whatever) where already present on something that we ate.

    I’m gonna go puke now.

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