First day of work! Here we go…

Eight hours later: It was good. Another girl (a graphic designer) was starting too, so I made a friend right off the bat. Then we discovered that we’re both sharing the same makeshift office (a meeting room) until the whole company moves over Christmas. We went through the usual induction type stuff, and then the rest of the day was spent getting our brand new PCs ready and figuring out what we’re going to be working on. My tasks at the moment? Write a choose-your-own-adventure story and create some printable board games. How cool is that! I’m so glad to be moving back into the creative stuff and away from programming.

Though I’m reliant on public transport, the commute isn’t terrible. I made it home in one hour tonight, but that was with a lift from the office to the train station. On normal days I’ll probably have to tack a 20 minute walk onto there. (I could bus it, but I figure the exercise will do me good.) Actually I only have to do that for a week, and then once we move into the new building I’ll have a new route. Again, probably looking at an hour or so. Strangely I don’t mind it as much as I did in London. There’s just something about riding over the Sydney Harbour Bridge that lifts the spirits, you know? (Plus I plan to utilize the time productively, i.e. knitting.)

The biggest shock of the day? The receptionist who let me in this morning is a chick from Ohio! We had some Midwestern bonding. It’s so neat to finally meet some people that aren’t just friends of the Snook’s.


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  1. congrats Kris — this job sounds great!!

  2. Welcome back…

  3. That sounds like a fun place to work.

  4. It’s more like, the particular work I’m doing is fun. The office itself is much like any other, I’m afraid. (See my new post about the Internet policy, for example.)

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