Speaking of reality TV – Jeez! I’m just stream-of-consciousness girl here tonight – the Snook and I are now addicted to The Amazing Race. We laughed our asses off when all those teams put unleaded gas in the diesel vans the other night. I’m rooting for both of the brother teams (hot twins and chubby baldies). I like John Vito and Jill too. And how happy was I that Aaron and Arianne are gone? She was the mayor of Whineyville.


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  1. Yeah, AR is for sure the best reality TV show out there… I LOVE IT! The ending of last season’s finale ep was the most exciting 15 minutes of television – EVER!

  2. P.S. Whineyville has a NEW, better mayor – you’ll see in the later eps.

  3. Mayor of Whineyville. Like it.

  4. Oh, I’m pretty sure it was a runoff election between her and Flo. I couldn’t believe it when she freaked out during the rappelling. I hope she’s gone soon (but from your comment, I’m assuming not). Damn.

  5. i love the amazing race as well – it is the best reality tv out there – and i have hooked people onto it who despised the very notion of reality television. however, i can’t stand the wonder twins. and ian, who constantly belittles his wife- i hope she divorces him quick smart when she sees the footage on air and realises how badly he treats her.
    my money is on john vito and jill – i would really like to see them win.

  6. it’s cool that they air it twice a week 😀 i love TAR! as for ian – oh man, if my husband talked to me like that, the race would be over, haha. i loved last season cause they made it to sydney! but i missed the last episode for some weird reason.. i haven’t picked a favourite for this season yet!

  7. Have you seen the episode where they are in Singapore yet? One of the teams drive past my flat. I got a kick out of that. Heh.

    I’m not much of a reality TV fan, but the Amazing Race has me hooked.

    Arg – Teri and Ian – I SO don’t want them to win.

  8. We’re not up to Singapore yet. They’re still in Casablanca, I think.

    I loved it when one of the other teams made fun of stupid Ian’s stupid Pepe Le Pew hat. What an idiot.

  9. Watched the finale last night – good, but nothing compared to last season. I’m not a violent person, but I swear to God, I would murder one of the remaining people with my bare hands if I ever saw him/her on the street after this episode. Wait ’til you see it – “amazing,” all right!

  10. Great. Hmmm. Do I want to watch it if it’s going to enrage me?

  11. ‘the amazing race rage’ … uh oh! haha

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