Ha! Y’all make fun of my knitting, but today I scored big time with it! I was sitting out at the company picnic table on my lunchbreak working on Moire’s Gryffindor scarf when a guy from the office came out for a smoke. He asked me about the scarf and we struck up a conversation. It turns out that he lives about two blocks from me! Not wanting to waste this opportunity, I immediately hit him up for a ride into work. He says “sure” and a carpool is born! That lift home today seriously cut an hour off my commute. Viva la knitting!


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  1. How is the scarf going? You can meet lots of people knitting in public… it’s a great ice breaker. Come check out my links page for lots of inspiration! Cheers!

  2. Hi Tiffany! I’ve already made one (scroll down to my craft links to see). I’m about halfway through this one. I’ve tried knitting on the train and bus so far. The train is much easier. The bus started to make me sick (like reading). So for now I just do it at my lunch break. Do you eventually reach a point where you don’t have to watch what you’re doing so closely? I’m only doing stocking stitch but I’m terrified I’m going to drop a stitch or something if I’m not constantly vigilant…

  3. Hooray for knitting! Hooray for my Gryffindor scarf!! 🙂

    That is good news, Kris. It’s hard to find carpool mates, at least around here. I’ve yet to meet someone from my area whom also works in my part of DC. Even if I did meet a suitable carpool mate, they’d have to be a big fan of Howard Stern. Alas, I must forge on alone, gazing longingly at the cars speeding past in the HOV lane.

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