DAMMIT. I stumbled out of bed this morning and fired up OmniWeb to check the site. My home page is My Yahoo. What’s the first thing I see? Who won friggin’ Survivor. It’s twelve hours to the damn episode and now it’s ruined. I don’t know why I even bother.


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  1. the same thing happened tome. not happy, jan.
    haven’t found out who came second. if it is clay i am going to throw my tv out the window.

  2. I can’t believe the final vote was 4-3. Brian was smarmy, but I would’ve voted for him. I mean, it all comes down to whether you vote for the honest asshole or the secretive asshole (who may have played the game better). Clay made me laugh at the beginning, but his behavior to Jake wasn’t very nice. I was all about Jake and the Shii Devil. Everybody else sucked. I can’t believe I was rooting for Chuay Ghan in the beginning. I’m a sucker for a perceived underdog.

  3. Helen did not suck – the was the best! Well, except for being so stupid and thinking that Brian was taking her to the final 2… duh! Anyway, the women on the show are always so dumb for never making an alliance towards the end. It happens EVERY year! Also, the immunity challenges are so f-ing biased toward the men. I am starting to hate the show and how it’s always the same. Next year, they should really have all 16 of the people live together from the beginning (but maybe still be on different teams). It’s the only way to stop the Pagonging that always happens. Ok, sorry for the long rant, I was bored… (ahhh, winter in Chicago 😉

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