“Cycling Wars” in Australia

When shocked Europeans hear that I am sad about moving back to Australia, the lack of cycling infrastructure is one of the main reasons that I cite. And it’s not just that – some people are actively hostile to cyclists and in far too many cases have deliberately injured them. I have loved riding my bicycle in Munich. I ride it to work and the shops and the hairdresser, and I take short joyrides around the parks near my house, and every now and then I take a longer ride out of the city. In all of those rides, I rarely have to share the road with cars and I’ve seldom felt worried for my safety. I have a helmet but I don’t wear it very often. (I should wear it all the time, I know.) I see all kinds of people on bikes here – old people, kids, serious athletes, parents pulling bike trailers. None of this happens in Sydney. The end result is that I’m not going to bother to ship my bike back, because I know it will just gather dust and I’ll feel sad.

I should stop moping and go out for a ride today while I still can, I guess. 🚴‍♀️

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  1. Sadly UK probably closer to Australia (though we are lucky here in Swansea).

    But Clare enjoyed her cycling out to Westmead (Paramatta) from Glebe and then from Redfern – it was largely car free and a few quiet roads. So maybe it’s the CBD and inner west that’s so bad?
    Of course that’s where you live….

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