I was reading this little article about the Queen’s Christmas message (which we caught on TV here) when I got to the last paragraph and my jaw dropped. They killed off Jamie Mitchell on Eastenders? He was my favorite! What, did he get too popular and want to move on to other things? How did poor Sonia take it? I’ve been away from the show for far too long.


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  1. yeah — very sad, and tears shed all around the Square… was very much Jack Ryder’s choice — after having the same hair cut and looking like a 12 year old for 7 years or whatever, he wants to expand his range… so he & ex-HearSay wife are “considering options” at the moment & he’s cut off all of his hair… Sonia’s heartbroken, by the way — as of course is everyone in Albert Square. Could this possible signal a change in attitude for hard-man Phil Mitchell, who made a promise to Jamie on his deathbed to take care of the despised Sonia who set the police on Phil for possibly murdering Lisa in Portugal? Only time will tell…

  2. Wow, thanks for the great recap! Which ex-HearSayer did he marry?

  3. Kym Marsh — the one smart enough to leave before the group disintegrated… (of course — she’s in the same place the rest of them are at the moment — that is, unemployed — so not sure who was the wiser!)

  4. Isn’t she the one that kept it a secret that she had kids? Wow, I keep thinking of him being, like, 18. I guess he’s really a grown-up.

  5. i think jack ryder looks so much fit now with his haif cut and kym is so lucky i wish i could be with him.

  6. Uh, thanks. Such thoughts are probably better left at a fan board though.

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