Kristen and MeBlog Meetup! Yesterday the Snook and I headed into Manly (a northern beach suburb) to meet up with Kristen and her fiancé Mark. It was a beautiful day to explore a new part of Sydney. (Note to future travelers: “Manly” is a misleading name. Most of the guys I saw were less “beefcake” and more “paunchy hairy middle-aged guys in Speedos”.) After walking the beach, we eventually found Kristen and Mark and headed off for some beer and food. We girls had a great time gossiping about our fellow bloggers (just kidding!), while the guys commiserated on being the lesser known partners of such fabulous blogging divas. Five hours and many drinks later, the Snook and I staggered off to catch our ferry home. It was a lot of fun.

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  1. was lovely to see you and rodd. thanks for a fun evening! happy new year!

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