Ebert has posted his list of the top films of 2002. I still haven’t seen Minority Report. Is it as good as he says?


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  1. in a word? no. i couldn’t see past the plotholes and was again distracted by comedic mistiming. but then my pick for best of 2002 didn’t even make his 11th place, if that tells you anything…

  2. Yeah, it’s okay, but for sure not better than About A Boy or My BFG Wedding, which were my 2 faves of the year (didn’t see Secretary, though ;). Oscar contest 3 months and counting…

  3. Minority Report? Meh.

  4. Minority Report? Meh.

  5. I liked it, but wouldn’t rank it #1 or anything. Much better than the average mass-appeal summer movie; great cinematography and more thought/plot twists than the generic thriller. I’m glad that Ebert picked ‘Spirited Away’; while no ‘Mononoke’ it’s quite good.

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