Buck Creek Barbecue Sauce. Hee! (Some explanation: Buck Creek is the “name” of this crazy property near my aunt’s house in Indiana. The people on it, like, lived in a teepee and had an Indian canoe out front, except they weren’t Native Americans. And they had lots of signs with Bible sayings on them. For some reason the whole concept just annoyed my sister every time she drove by. It became a bit of a family joke.)


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  1. Yeah that did piss her off didnt it? Almost as much as the underground house with the “door”…..hehe

  2. ok, you’re baiting me, dammit, but here’s one reason of SO MANY:

    hello, i didn’t know that REAL native americans included worshipping CHRIST in their belief system. yeah, sure, there’s probably an evolved christian/native american religion in practice out there (if only because the white man oppressed the indians for decades and then forced their kids into catholic schools where they got beat up and raped in the 70’s) – *deep breath* – but these f’ing buck creek people were just assholes, not native american at all, damn it!!!!!!! i’m sure of it! and furthermore…that canoe wasn’t an “indian canoe,” kris – it was a stupid old regular canoe turned upside down with “god is love” painted on it. i think presenting THAT in conjunction with those wooden “yard shadows” and other random lawn paraphernalia yields quite a convoluted message.

    i just don’t get it. i can say no more. though the Butt Creekers have moved out and on and some amish now occupy the territory (and thankfully seem to be, bit by bit, dismantling the embarrassing yard decorations) – the whole subject still just pisses me off way too much to even think about.

  3. i don’t really believe there’s a house underground, man – it’s just a door! i know it!

  4. Hah, what you guys don’t know is that when it was up for sale your dad wanted me to think about looking into it! In his own words “It isn’t that bad”. Yeah right. The yard renovation would be a full time occupation. Shudder. Oh ok, it had a pond that might have fish in it. NOT a good enough reason to live there.

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