The Bloggie Nominations have been posted. Really, what’s the point? It’s pretty much all the same names as last year (with the notable exception of Uncle Willie – I wonder if that was deliberate?). Much like Penny on Survivor, I decided to base my vote on who was nicest to me. Since Bill is the only nominee who comments on my site semi-regularly, he’s the only one that gets my vote. Yep, I’m that petulant. Go Bill! (No, seriously, go vote for Bill.)

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  1. i had a look at the nominations from 2001, 2002 and 2003 – a lot of the people nominated haven’t changed, but some of the other categories were more interesting – like best meme, or best weblog about weblogs, best article or essay about weblogs, or even best weblog tool – those categories reflect how the webscape has changed. but come on – life time achievement award? *puh-lease.* the best gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual blogger award bugs me too – i mean, what the hell has anyone’s sexual preference got to do with it? bah.

    of course, i’m still going to vote. and i’ll even vote for bill :o).

  2. Kris–did you know you made it into the first round of nominations for “Best-Kept-Secret”? Check it out at the Jan. 22 entry here: . You’re a supa-stah, baby!

  3. No way! Okay, now I’m all like Eminem, doing a 180 after dissing the Man’s awards. The Bloggies really don’t suck after all! Maybe next year I’ll get to perform with Elton John. 🙂

    I noticed that Wil Wheaton was nominated in a number of categories. (Lifetime achievement? Both of our blogs are older than his!) So did they do the secret-cabal-of-nominators last year, or was it by popular vote? I’m just wondering why he was listed for everything last year and nothing this year. Hmmm…

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