Wow. Roger Ebert saw Bob Dylan’s new movie and ripped it to shreds.

“Masked and Anonymous” is one of the oddest movies I have ever seen. Obviously everyone involved in it was besotted, if not mesmerized, by Dylan. All of those big stars must have agreed to their cameos … It’s a little sad to see them acting their hearts away in scenes where Dylan sits there like a toad, impassive, unmoving, oracular, waiting for the closeup in which he utters yet another oblique epigram.

He called Bob Dylan a toad! I love Ebert.


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  1. Them’s fighting words. And, for Pete’s sake, ROGER EBERT of all people has absolutely no business calling other people toads. He’s not exactly a salamander.

  2. He’s a beautiful, cuddly, bag of fun.

  3. Oh, I wasn’t agreeing with him, Kevin! Just that he has no qualms about saying such things. He cracks me up.

    As do you and Grandpa Joe. Hee! 🙂

  4. It’s all good…my wrath is only directed upon the Ebert. He’s annoyed me for a good long while. To take another example, he keeps giving the LOTR movies 3 stars (and the HP ones 4) because he thinks they’re not hobbit-centered enough. Well, Roger, we’re all proud of you for reading the books. We’ve read them too. The films are still an order of magnitude beter than the amateurish Chris Columbus book-on-tape Potter movies. Then there was the time he completely hated on Fight Club, and then, after realizing he’d missed the boat, picked the DVD as one of his films of the year. Ebert is just wildly inconsistent. I much prefer Ken Turan of the LA Times.

  5. I remain in like Ebert. His utter loving of the Potter movies is a little overblown, I agree. But this only makes me think more of him. After all, when I see a film with characters, settings and dialogue I simply adore, I do tend to think it’s better than it is. Far better. Many times have I said “that was the best film I’ve ever seen” only to revoke that opinion soon after and replace it with a sensible one. So in conclusion, MY EMPATHY ROGER! I love you, and I would like to delve into your bag of fun sometime. In the back row, preferably.

  6. I just saw this comment after vanity searching on google, a long time after having written it. I liked it. You can really surprise yourself sometimes, can’t you?

  7. I suppose bloggers would feel this sensation a hell of a lot more. Do you re-read things you’ve written and forgotten about and think “my gawd, taht was really quite summink, yo-wee”?!

  8. Yeah, every now and then I go back and read through the archives. It’s hard to believe I wrote all that stuff. I guess it’d be like keeping a diary for years. It’s just weird.

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