Oh my god. It’s finally over. The addiction can finally end. Free at last!


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  1. Let’s all observe a moment’s silence for Pacey 🙂

  2. It was high time. Van Der Beek is now forty seven, and even his three sons and two granchildren are too old to be playing Dawson. Besides, they were all sickeningly good looking and spoke in a overwritten angsty annoying type way. But I will miss this show, because it got me up on Sunday mornings, and that is something not even a fry up can do these days.

  3. Here’s a reprint of a comment I left on Max’s site: “I’m sure they’re going to use up whatever tiny amount of goodwill the fans had left towards the show in the last 10 episodes. My prediction is that they’ll tease us with the possibility of a Joey-Pacey reunion before the horrible glurge-worthy finale where she and her damn “soulmate” (*shudder*) Dawson get together. Just watch. They’re already promo-ing a scene from next week where Joey and Pacey play “spin the bottle.” Why do I even care???”

  4. Oh, and a hearty “WORD” to everything Grandpa Joe said. 🙂

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