“If there were no children on this Earth, if someone announced all kids were dead, I would jump off the balcony immediately.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Michael Jackson needs a good PR person to tell him to stop talking about children whenever he gets interviewed. And before the psycho Michael defenders get all up in arms, I didn’t say anything bad about him, just that the fact that his name and “kids” keep getting linked in the media repeatedly isn’t good. You know, what with him being an accused pedophile and all.

Later: Okay, we just watched “Living with Michael Jackson”, the big special interview he did that’s airing in, like, every country this week. I actually found myself feeling sorry for him at times. Of course, he’s still a complete nutjob. He’s clearly got some body dysmorphic disorder going on. And what was up with his special climbing tree? It had steps! “He’s a cheating bastard,” said the Snook. I had to agree.


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  1. The special is on here in the States this Friday–I’m looking forward to watching it (of course). I was wondering if it would make me feel revulsion or pity or both…looks like “both” is where it’s headed.

  2. Definitely both, Max. It starts out with more pity, but soon switches over to increasing revulsion. In fact, you get the impression that that’s the path the interviewer himself took. In the beginning he’s all, “Tell me how your Dad abused you.” And by the end he’s like, “I am severely disturbed by you hosting children’s sleepovers in your bedroom.”

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