Diet Update: I’ve now lost just over 40 pounds. More remarkably, I can finally fit into everything in my wardrobe. That doesn’t sound like much, but when you’ve been lugging some of your favorite pieces of clothing around from continent to continent for three years in what you gloomily suspect is the impossible hope of ever wearing them again… to be able to finally fasten those buttons again brings tears to the eyes.

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  1. In honour of your quite amazing weight loss, I now present one of the best compliments in my repertoire; you soooooo rule.

  2. I shall follow grandpa joe’s lead and say that you are maaaaaaaaajorly amaaaaaaazing. Congratulations, Kris–you’re an honest-to-God inspiration.

  3. Darling, many felicitations on your grand loss – tee hee! I am so proud of you. You’re going to have to tell me your secret… I can’t even lose TEN pounds, much less 40.

  4. Well done!! That’s amazing. It’s the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, everybody! I’m within site of my goal now, which is the best feeling in the world. My secret, Mia, is cutting out the carbs. Six months of exercise and traditional dieting just didn’t work, so I decided to explore the alternatives. Here’s the post that got me started on it. If you’re at all interested, I recommend picking up Dr. Atkins’s “New Diet Revolution” book. I went in a major skeptic but my own positive results are all the proof I need.

    This is why my sister calls me a pod person, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. Whoops! Sorry Mia! I just realized that you were in on that discussion. I think the secret to sticking with it is not to be too militant about it. I don’t count every carb, and I have a beer if I want. But I try to balance it out. The key for me seems to be exercise. I’ve got the ketosis testing strips Atkins recommends, and without the exercise (just following the diet) I never get in ketosis. So I don’t lose weight, I just maintain. But if I do 20 minutes on the treadmill, somehow that supercharges my metabolism to the point where I’m in ketosis for a couple days. I guess you just have to figure out what’s right for your body.

    (And going back to your point in the old discussion… it helps that I’ve been able to try – and like – some new vegetables. The old Kris of a few years ago would’ve been much too picky to stick to something like this.)

  7. that really is incredible, woman! congrats!

  8. Awesome, Kris! I’ve just finished the two-week induction period, myself, and the scale says I’ve lost eight pounds. I don’t feel any thinner, but my clothes aren’t so horribly tight. I’m looking forward to adding some carbs, because it’s been hard for me. I also gave up on cutting out caffiene. I HAVE to have regular coffee in the morning.

  9. Congratulations! I gave up the caffeine bit too. I need my Diet Coke. 🙂

  10. Congrats, Kris!! You make it sound so simple to cut the carbs; 8 hours w/o make me cranky and unsatisfied, so I have lots of respect for your work and accomplishment!

  11. The first week kicked my ass. Carb withdrawal is a complete bitch. Luckily we timed our start to the diet with moving house, so we were too busy for me to concentrate on how crappy I felt. By the time I could stop and take stock, I’d already lost enough poundage to keep me going. 🙂

  12. Great job! I lost 15 pounds recently and had a similar experience with my college wardrobe, but I can only imagine how great it must feel to lose a full 40. Bravo!

  13. It feels weird, Kevin. Like, I’ve been watching the scale move downwards but I haven’t felt myself lessening at all, you know? I feel like I should have undergone a knowable change, but instead I feel like the same old fat me walking around as an imposter. The diet books are right to tell you to use clothes as a gauge; it’s really the only physical way you can feel yourself changing, I guess.

  14. i’ve got to add my congrats here too, Kris… I find your posts on the subject incredibly inspirational!

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