A freshman has been missing from my university since December. He went out drinking with his friends, turned down their offer of a ride home, and then never showed up back at the dorm. My mom just IMed me to say they found his body in the St. Joe river. Right now it looks like he fell in. This is pretty sad. I also can’t help but wonder what effect it’s going to have on student drinking rules, which have been getting increasingly strict over the past couple years…


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  1. There used to be a ‘Bachelor of Beer’ event at my university, but it was banned after one student fell off a walkway and broke her back. Apparently her friends were so tanked they didn’t notice and she was left to die there overnight, which was awful.

    Still, it’s kind of sad that to see universities becoming so ‘correct’ and… well, sober! When I hear about some of the crazy things my Dad got up to on campus in the 70’s, it kinda makes me jealous 🙂

  2. It’s even worse for us, given that it was legal for 18-year-olds to drink during the 70’s, and now you’ve got to be 21. When my roommate was dorm president we got to look back through the archives, and it was crazy some of the officially sponsored university events that were held. It was like, “2:00 – Kegger with the boys from Keenan Hall. 6:00 – Bar crawl with the boys from Grace.” Nowadays even if you’re 21 you can’t have anything stronger in your room than beer or wine. They’ve even banned in-hall dances and tailgating before sporting events. It sucks when Rodd keeps telling me stories about their college formals at Sydney Uni, when they’d get, like, the friggin’ Whitlams to play and get a license to have a bar on the premises.

  3. my dad and his roommates would drink beer, eat popcorn and play cards almost every night in Cavanaugh (when it was still a boys dorm). i can’t believe how much has changed since we graduated. it’s sad what happened to that student.

  4. personally, i think that this incident is proof that the gradual tightening of the drinking rules at ND do force [underage] students off campus, with potentially dire results. then again, it’s not likely that the administration will see things that way and/or relax the rules… sad story, no matter how you slice it.

  5. I’m sorta incredulous myself that freshmen go to off-campus parties nowadays. All of the ones I went to my first year were in dorm rooms. Granted, I wasn’t exactly the Party Girl Of The Year, but it still seems nuts that first semester freshmen are walking to Corby Street.

    I guess with bars getting busted and in-dorm dances being banned, OC parties are the only opportunity left to let off steam… Sad.

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