Back in grade school, one of my friends bought a “slam book” and brought it to class. Each page had a category, like “Favorite song” or “Boy you like”, with a bunch of numbered lines for everyone’s answers. One page puzzled us though: “Pet Peeves”. As I was the class brain, everyone turned to me for an explanation. “I think it’s, like, stuff that annoys you… about pets.” Okay, so I was sorta close. I remember everyone then writing down stuff like “When they pee in the house” and “When they jump on you” as their answers. It was years before I figured out my mistake.

Anyway, my Pet Peeve O’ The Day: people who touch your computer monitor while pointing at something and leave greasy fingerprints all over it. That drives me nuts! Okay, now it’s your turn to vent…


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  1. people who leave their mobile phones on (instead of switching them to silent).

    a girl at my office just got a brand new phone, and she has spent *all day* getting people to send her contact numbers to store in her phone. it’s one of those fanct-shmancy phones with an irritating ring, and this morning it rang 4 times a minute for 20mins, while her friend diligantly sent message after message. i asked her to switch it to silent, so she wouldn’t disturb the rest of the office *and she laughed at me*. i just about lost it.

    so yeah, that’s my pet peeve of the day.

  2. People who rush and push to get on a train or bus without letting other passengers get off first. That really annoys the crap outta me. My own kids are so going to have good manners 🙂

  3. Man, those are both crimes against humanity. Although I think yours is exacerbated, Kristen, by the scourge of the open plan office. As it is I still have to listen to everyone’s conversations even if they turn off the ringer. 🙁

  4. My travel-related peeve is the luggage pick-up carousel: just about everyone hovers right next it so that they can grab their precious bag. If people stood back and stepped forward only when they saw their luggage, everyone could get their stuff without having to butt in or walk around the other morons poised to pounce.

  5. That would bother me too, psorr, except that without fail my bag is the always very last one to appear, so it makes little difference.

  6. when your tape player in your car breaks down and you are restorted to listening to sad-ass fm, only to discover that the only artist they have ever heard of is jamiroquai.

  7. orangecat – could be worse – could be rick astley instead of jamiroquai.

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