Another Visit to the Doctor:

Me: So I took the antibiotics like you said and they made me feel better, but I finished them on Monday and Tuesday night I woke up with a sore throat and a headache.
Dr: Sounds like you’ve still got the bug!

He shines his little light down my throat again.

Dr: They certainly look… juicy.
Dr.: I recommend that you have another course of antibiotics, and that you have your tonsils removed soon.

So that appears to be that. The Snook thinks I should get a second opinion before agreeing to have bits lopped off. Personally I’m a little nervous about the whole prospect. I’ve never had an operation in my life. Any of you had your tonsils taken out?


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  1. sounds like the original course of antibiotics that he gave you was too short. and i would definitely think a second opinion is needed before agreeing to remove your tonsils! i thought that doctors only removed tonsils in cases where the patient gets repeated bouts of severe tonsillitus, not on the basis of one illness. my sister had her tonsils removed a few years ago, because she kept getting strep throat. she recovered pretty fast. i still wouldn’t want mine out, unless it was completely necessary.

    hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Well, I have gotten it before, but not in the last few years. Interestingly, I just talked to my Mom who said that my sister’s doctor has threatened her with removing them if she gets one more case. Must run in the family.

  3. Run in the family…..hummm well if ya think about it all 3 of ya always coming down with some sort of bug or something, sometimes I think your brother is sick more than hes not. Ironically enough I had mine removed when I was young and if you think back I hardly ever catch anything or get sick. I cant even remember the last time I had a cold, of course on those occasions when I do come down with something its usually pretty bad. I would guess that having it done when you are an adult would be much worse than when you are a kid. And theres always that old wives tale about getting to eat mass quantities of ice cream afterwards to consider.

  4. yeah, dude, i heard that getting ’em out when you’re an adult is *harsh*. you’re out and immobile for at LEAST a week, i guess. i have a dr’s appt. today cause my throat is mega-sore now, even though i thought i just had the flu. this kid at work is out with strep right now and nobody told me – i sat at his desk all day thursday, so now i think i know what i’ve got and where i probably caught it from! arggh. i’m HOPIN’ that dr. hopen doesn’t look at my nasty tonsils and remember how he told me like, 2 months ago that i needed them removed. (i had tonsilitis about 3 times last year and now this…) d-day is comin’ ! i should probably just do it now while i’ve got good health insurance…

  5. I was IMing with mom yesterday and she was like, “You should come home and then you and Amy can get them taken out TOGETHER!” And I’m like, “Yeah, and since I have no medical insurance in the United States I’ll be paying it off for longer than my student loans.” My doctor here recommended I join a private health fund (i.e. private insurance) and get it done in a few months, rather than trying to get it done through the public system (and waiting forever).

    I guess D-Day is coming for me too…

  6. i have strep throat. looks like testicles back there.

  7. Um, thanks for sharing.

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