OscarEnter my Oscar Contest 2003!
Since I always suck at predicting these things, I’ve decided to share my humiliation with y’all. How many can Academy Award winners you get right? It only takes a second to enter and the person with the highest score gets a custom-made sock monkey!


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  1. oh, i so want to win a sock monkey! unfortunately, i know jack about most of the movies nominated this year. but that’s not going to stop me from having a go. ;o)

  2. I’m clueless too. I think “Chicago” and “The Two Towers” are, like, the only nominated films I’ve seen.

  3. kris, could i be considered for an honorable mention sock monkey if i get at least like, 4 right? i totally guessed…i doubt i get any of ’em. but i REALLY WANT A SOCK MONKEY!

  4. i’m going to have to stick by what i think will win, not what i want to win. i’m still fuming over the peter jackson snub.

  5. Well then, I guess I need to watch more movies. I have not seen a single one of these.

  6. Good grief, sister. Do you know how big your “going away” package is going to be? And you’re not even leaving right now! 🙂

  7. Yeah, fun! I was thinking about waiting to vote until I’ve seen more of the films, but couldn’t wait. I don’t think I want to watch the violence of “Gangs,” but I highly recommend seeing “The Hours” if it’s coming soon to a theatre near you.

  8. It’s funny, my predictions for who will actually win are completely different to who I would actually like to see win. Anyway, great idea Kris.

  9. Thanks! My co-worker Simon made the brilliant suggestion that I show some sort of aggregate statistics so we can see who the group as a whole is voting for. I’m going to work on that this weekend.

  10. I’ve only seen one of them so far but it doesn’t really matter as they seldom go for the ‘best’ ones anyway. Too much politica and back slapping. Look at Paul Newman for Colour of Money. OK perfomance, but an Oscar?

  11. All right. I’ve finally made my choices, though I’ve seen only ONE of the films. Sock monkey sock monkey sock monkey!!!

  12. I definitely voted more by who I think will win than who I want to win. I really don’t think “Gangs of New York” deserves anything, unless there’s an award for Cliche-Ridden, Heavy-Handed Direction, in which case Scorsese should totally win.

    I also would love to see Queen Latifah get an Oscar, but she’s got some pretty major competition.

  13. Ah, but Scorsese will get it for the same reason Paul Newman did: because he should’ve gotten one before and there’s no guarantee he’ll make anything better than this one, so you might as well give it to him now. Not that I agree with that, but I like Scorsese a lot, and he should get something for bringing “Goodfellas” into the world.

  14. Yeah you’re not allowed to give out the answers! Unless you want to make sock monkeys for all of us.

  15. *snort* I think when the results are announced it’ll be painfully obvious that I have no idea who’s gonna win. Traditionally I’m very bad at guessing these. 🙂

  16. I know they’ll probably give Scorsese an Oscar for direction and I agree that it should’ve been for Goodfellas, but Gangs of New York? So amazingly bad.

  17. You guys are totally on the money about Scorsese, but my faith in the Oscars will take a nose-dive if he actually wins (it’s barely intact after last year’s ‘Year of the African-American Actor’ mush). ‘Gangs’ was pretty average, I thought.

  18. I haven’t seen it yet, but I probably will just to see Daniel Day-Lewis tap his glass eye with a knife. That’s been mentioned in, like, every single review I’ve read, so it must be a highlight. 🙂

  19. I think maybe the highlight of “Gangs” for me was my friend restraining me from poking my eye out in protest. Hee.

  20. Man, I liked Gangs of New York. I thought it was meaningful.

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