I am only 57% hip. Or something. Actually I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Based on the questions, I get the idea that hipsters = wankers. (Link courtesy of Brigita, who’s even less hip than me, even if she is a pescavore.)


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  1. ah-ha 40% Though half that stuff I had no idea what it was on about.

  2. Bit-Of-Hip Ferret

    February 22, 2003 — 1:38 am

    Yeah I couldn’t answer many of the questions as they didn’t apply. Also which there was less questions, it’s too hard work answering 30 😉

  3. what’s with living off of a trust fund being hip? i thought being upper middle class was way bourgeois, a word that’s meant uncool since the French Revolution. if living off of your folks is cool, then i’m just fine with my L7 status.

  4. Dude. I’m 30%. But hey, at least I’m not completely hip! It sounds so eh.

  5. I was surprised to see the expected answers. On a lot of questions I thought my answer would be the lamest of all only to discover it was considered “hip”. But if hip involves riding a scooter, count me happily out.

  6. 37%

    I’ve been meaning to blog abou the preponderance (sp?) of Vespas around these days; seriously hip (unlike me). 🙂

  7. Oh! You know what? When I read “scooter”, I immediately thought of those stupid little Razor scooter things. I didn’t think about, like, Italian motor scooters. Yeah, those are pretty hip. 🙂

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