Start preparing your acceptance speech, Ms. Kidman!
She’s a shoo-in to win, according to the entries I’ve received for the Oscar Contest. Check out those nifty pie graphs! Those images are all generated on the fly by PHP from the database tallies. There are some surprises in there. Like, I can’t believe how many of y’all expect that Big Fat Greek Wedding woman to win. Yeah, I know it was a big cultural thing in the U.S., and it did okay business over here, but I never thought of it as Oscar-worthy. Maybe it’s because most Australians actually know real Greek people… 🙂

(Also, some people might want to re-think their tiebreaker guess. You’re supposed to predict how many extra minutes the show will run beyond the allotted time, not how long it will be overall. A couple people had guesses up around the 3-hour mark. Just e-mail me if you wanna change yours…)


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  1. Dar, I wish I could remember all of my picks. I can’t believe no one gave any love to Nick Cage.

  2. I think in picking “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, I was just rooting for the underdog. It’s such a great story- this small, independent film getting such a huge, unexpected, reaction. I think everyone can relate to the crazy family, you know? It probably won’t win, but it would be cool if it did.

  3. The Nic Cage thing surprised me too so I went back and checked just to make sure the code wasn’t messing up. Nope, not a single vote. Maybe it’s because playing twins is such an expected Oscar thing that people are annoyed with him. It’s like a soap opera writing a storyline that gives an actress 3 different characters just so she’ll get an Emmy.

    I agree that it’s possible the Academy will honor MBFGW’s financial success, but (as I haven’t seen it) I’m just going by nearly every review, which all kinda said, “Yeah, it’s nice and it makes you feel happy, but it’s not like it’s particularly innovative or original or anything.” I mean, they’re turning it into a tv show, which must mean it wasn’t particularly challenging.

  4. No I agree it wasn’t groundbreaking (and I think the tv show will probably suck), it’s just nice to see a small film do well. Plus, I want to win the monkey and I think the Academy will suck up to the little film that could? Hee?

  5. i personally found the film really lacking, i was expecting to love it… the first half was ass-numbingly boring. i just think that it will win because the academy loves a good pr piece. (just think of ben and matt a couple of years ago…)

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