Whoa! Somehow I missed some major Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban casting news. Michael Gambon will be taking over as Dumbledore. I didn’t recognize the name either, but if you look at his picture you’ll realize you’ve seen him in lots of other stuff (most notably Sleepy Hollow). I think he’ll be pretty good. But even more amazingly… guess who’s playing Sirius Black? Gary friggin’ Oldman! I’m excited to see how that turns out. I mean, Oldman is a fine actor and in my mind he really “looks” the part. But on the other hand, he also has this tendency to play roles, like, so far over the top that it distracts from the picture. Remember his cop in The Professional? Sure, Azkaban would make you a little crazy, but not that crazy. (Link courtesy of Kevin.)


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  1. I would love love love to see Joseph Fiennes as Lupin. He could pull off the whole ‘wolf’ thing – I think.

  2. I only know Michael Gambon from a TV series in the ’80’s called the ‘Singing Detective’which was written by Dennis Potter! It was brilliant.I even bought the record of the sound track!

  3. Did you know they’re making a movie out of that show? (Or it might already be made.) I think it stars Robert Downey Jr.

    (P.S. Jenny – You’ve got a present coming in the mail… 🙂

  4. I found it! Here it is. Apparently Potter wrote the screenplay before he died. It sounds like it’ll be good! I’m so glad the musical has come back into vogue. 🙂

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