A stunning victory was achived tonight at the pub trivia contest… by us! We had been trailing the leaders by four after the first round, but somehow in the end we were ahead by four. (We found out later that they’d been docked for cheating.) My personal highlights were knowing the top three grossing films of the 1930’s, the movie whose soundtrack featured “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”, and the instrument that Woody Allen plays. (At least I’m finally putting that film degree to use, huh?) Unfortunately I tanked on Al Bundy’s favorite nudie magazine. My dad would be ashamed.


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  1. Yep that would be BIG UNNS. (sp)

  2. Hopefully your good luck will rub off on us one of these days! We’re always second or third place and it’s getting very frustrating. I like the theory that the winners are always cheating 😉

  3. Yay, trivia!

    #2 & #3 would be Benny & Joon and the clarinet, but what’s #1? I’m going to assume “Gone With The Wind” is one of them?

  4. Yep, Dad, that was it. You shoulda been there!

    We’ve been doing steadily worse every week, psorr, so it was nice to finally catch a break. Apparently the first place team had a “cheat sheet” with, like, all the countries of the world and their capitals and Olympic cities and stuff on them. They’ve been winning every week by, like, 10 points. Apparently tonight somebody ratted them out. I say, ha!

    Correct and correct, Adrien. The movies were GWTW, Wizard of Oz, and Snow White.

    Now, can you guys name four European countries whose capitals start with the letter “L”?

  5. Uk – London

    and…um, that’s it. I could google, but that would be cheating, and why would anyone want to cheat on a pub quiz?!

  6. Exactly. Okay, you’ve got one… there are 3 more! Anyone, anyone…?

  7. Lisbon, Luxembourg (sp??) aaaand…

    Oh, ok, you’ve got me on the last one… off to look it up… GRR. All that memorising in World Affairs in 12th grade for naught.

  8. Those were the two we got correct as well. For the fourth… another guy and I thought it was Lichtenstein. We thought it was one of those city-state things. The Snook had some crazy idea that it was Slovenia. We overrode him. We were wrong. Slovenia it is!

  9. Here’s a trivia question that you might appreciate from our pub quiz this week:

    Name 1 of the 3 film that have won all of the big 5 oscars (film, director, screenplay, actor, actress). Our team came up with 2 of them.

  10. The Snook and I are thinking Silence of the Lambs… One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest… And then my third guess is Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Did we get any?

    Our Oscar question, which we got correct was “Name the last three best picture winners that have had a person’s name in the title.” First name, last name, any person’s name.

  11. You’re 2 for 3: Cuckoo, Lambs, and It Happened One Night

    Saving Private Ryan, Shakespeare in Love, and I can’t think of the third (I’m going back to 80’s movies like Amadeus, but I know there have been some since)

  12. Didn’t Shakespeare beat S.P.R. that year? I’d say Shakespeare, Schlindler’s List, and Forrest Gump. It helps a lot that I just had a pub quiz final question where we had to name the last 10 Best Picture winners! 🙂 Hey, on your Oscar Contest, take off that Reset button!!! That’s a design no-no!!

  13. Kel had them right. 3 points!

    As for the button… I don’t care! I’m not Jakob. 🙂

  14. Whoooaaaa! Next you’ll be saying you actually like Flash!

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