I want a kitty. There’s a pet store just around the corner with kitties. Every time I walk by I all but press my nose to the glass and make kissy faces. The Snook and I are discussing the pros/cons right now. If you have any suggestions or advice (for or against), speak now or forever hold your peace…


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  1. Who will talk to it when you two are at work? It won’t be a cute little kitty for long. Cat motels charge a fortune to cat sit if ever you go on holidays. Cats leave fur everywhere and people with allergies often have problems relating to the shed fur. Cats can cause problems for pregnant women (who might visit!). They really are an environmental disaster in this country (probably not so much in Newtown but there is a priciple invoved here). I could say more but I’ll leave it there.Sorry, but you did say speak now or forever hold your peace! I’ll post anonymously so as not to embarrass RNS.:)

  2. Chihuahuas are better. They’re cat-like, yet you don’t have to clean out a catbox every day. Pain in the ass. 😉

  3. All good points, BJ. (You can’t hide your identity from me!) 🙂 Luckily Rodd’s schedule is pretty flexible, so if he goes in later the kitty would only be alone for a few hours in the middle of the day. We’re also hoping he’d be able to work less days a week for a while. We’ve already covered the holiday issue as our friend Steve’s offered to cat sit when we’re away. And pregnant women? You know something we don’t? 🙂

    Our main concern right now whether we could actually take care of it properly. We have a hard enough time remembering to feed ourselves. Somehow I just think we’d love the cat too much to neglect it.

    I just don’t think either of us are “dog” people, Moire. They require too much attention. We like the idea of a cat that (eventually) will just be able to do its own thing. Plus my grandparents had a chihuahua while I was growing up so I associate them with old people. 🙂

  4. my blog title might isplay my bias, but i say go for it! cats are extremely independent, so they can be left alone more easily than dogs. sometimes i do worry about mina during the day, but she does seem happy enough. and you can always get another cat later on. but there is nothing better than the unconditional love of a companion… ah, as long as you remember to feed them.
    Don’t forget there are definite pros. Petowners live longer and have better health, particularly with stresslevels. On a cold winter’s night a cat makes the best hot water bottle you will ever have. Cats clean themselves and do not have to be taken for walks or to go to the toilet. And they are the damned cutest things in existence.

  5. companion animal, that is

  6. Ferret & Feline don'

    March 2, 2003 — 8:48 pm

    I’m allergic to them. So don’t get one as visiting will be harder 😉

    Also feed them aspirin….hehe.

    Plus I don’t know if you have ever noticed this but they have “lizard type” eyes. I believe they are reptiles in disguise!!!! Don’t let the fur fool you!

    Though if you lose the ball on one of those rackets with the ball on the end, you can always tie the cat to it instead and use that. As it get’s larger, you’ll wrist muscles will improve. Plus you get the addition of a nice new sound when “Tiddles” hits the racket so this will help you keep in rhythm.

    hmmm…anyway…I thought Rodd was your pet.

  7. Please edit the above post for the poor spelling etc. Takes a while for my typing skills to warm up 😉

  8. oooh, kitty! pretty kitty! too distracted by the thought of playing with little cat to form coherent, balanced opinion on whether you should adopt or not. get one! the only thing i would say is that if you are going to get a kitten/cat, would you consider rescuing one from the RSPCA (or whatever it’s called in Australia)?

  9. I definitely would Kristen, but I’m not sure they actually do that here, since feral cats are a menace. They probably put them down immediately if they’re not microchipped (which all pets are supposed to be by law). Plus there are just so many things that you have to have done… the chip, spaying, shots, etc. I’m just thinking that for our first animal, going with the pet store reared version might be easiest.

  10. (And by the way Ferret… Rodd wants one of your namesakes. I think they’re evil though. Especially the white ones with the satanic red eyes. *shudder*)

  11. I think Ferrets are a little creepy, too (they’re rodents, right?)

    Eowyn’s been with us for about 6 months now and we’re all very happy. She’s alone for about 12 hours a day while we’re at work, but as orangecat says, cats are independent. As long as we pay attention to her in the evening, she’s happy. You can go out of town for a weekend, too, and a cat with be alright. Cleaning out the litter box takes about 3 minutes every day or two and I give her a scoop of dry food twice a day. Easy and no bad smells. She’s actually a little higher maintenance than I would like (I was spoiled by the cat that my family had when I was growing up: an anti-social outdoor cat w/o a litter box), but she’s so very sweet. Jeff’s always been a dog person, but likes her because she likes to play and is very affectionate.

    The allergy thing is a con, however. Even though she lives upstairs, when we had a party recently, those people with allergies reacted to her. I also have cat hair all over my clothes and need to stash a lint brush at the office.

    I say, go for it!

  12. Bah….you cat lovers!!!

    I reach for my big doofa water gun 🙂

  13. I whole-heartedly recommend cats, though there are some unique concerns in your country which I cannot speak to, but I submit as evidence exhibit a, b, c, d… (you get the idea–click on the pictures to see complete photo albums). If you can resist Rusty, you may want to wait. 😉 True, they are a lot of work from time to time, but that’s the payment we make for the love and affection they lavish on us. Even our oldest, who can get quite surly at times, will jump up on the bed, knead the blankets gently and purr so loud and lovingly before laying down between us in contented sleep that we just about burst with love for her.

    And if you need more sweet faces to convince you, take a look a the success stories for the rescue where I volunteer (here in the U.S.), who could resist them? Who I ask you?! 🙂

  14. ok, no offense, ben, but ferrets SMELL. my friend gary has two and they are awful and creepy little things.
    re: cats, kris, you should be sure to mention this whole thing to pops. cindy rescued a PYT named “bear” –
    he’s dark gray/black with these spiky ears and a long, bushy tail. dad HATES him. i’d almost be convinced
    to take him in w/ me to CA (if both cindy and chad allowed it), except the reason dad hates bear is ’cause bear’s kinda a meanie.
    (then again, maybe bear and i would make a perfect match?!) anyway, chad’s mom rescued these two
    kittens and the one is the only cat i’ve ever felt affectionate towards – “biff,” and i like him because he acts like a dog.
    VERY sociable, very sweet and, strangely, attentive. also really needy of attention, which is one of the reasons
    i like dogs so much – you don’t have to work too hard to get a dog to love you, and once they do, they’re
    your pal for life. most cats seem indifferent to human beings, which pisses me off. anyway, cats *are* lower
    maintenance, though, and probably low enough, i’d venture to say, for scumbags (j/k) like you and rodd.
    anyway, this whole conversation just angers me, because i was thisclose to buying this awesome bday card
    for you, which this cat on the front that said, “i’ve got something for you” – when you open the car, the cat’s
    eyes roll back and his tongue sticks out with a little hairball on the end! and it says (in green glitter, no less)
    “aaccck! hahhck! blech! happy birthday!” i LOVED it. VERY quirky, and i thought it was hilarious. but i didn’t
    know if you’d appreciate the funny little kitty. poop. oh well, the card i eventually picked out is at least nicer.
    whatever. 🙂

  15. I am all about the kitties, but you know that. They’re such good company and are extremely entertaining. They’re also fairly independent and will most likely sleep most of the day while you’re at work. Don’t worry about neglecting to feed them- my cats remind me quite vocally at every meal time. Three things to know:

    1) Declawing is extremely cruel. Don’t do it.

    2) Try to have an indoor cat. Cats that go out have a greater danger of being injured or getting killed.

    3) Don’t buy a cat from a pet store. Adoption from a shelter is the way to go.

    Yay, I hope you get a cat!

  16. I’m pretty sure nobody gets them declawed here. I asked at the pet store and everyone just looked at me in horror. Must be a barbaric American custom… 🙂

    For some reason Rodd thinks it’s cruel to keep a cat indoors. He feels that they’re really little carnivore hunters and that we’d be, like, suppressing its nature. Do you cat-owners feel that way? My own view is that the modern house cat is many many rungs away from the wild cat on the evolutionary ladder…

  17. They’re several rungs away from a tiger/leopard, but are still hunters at heart. Cats aren’t exactly ‘cute & cuddly’ playthings when they’re devouring a raw bird or mouse… That said, most of them are quite content indoors. They just need an outlet for stalking/playing; most behaviorists recommend 1-2 play sessions a day with a fishing-pole type of toy. My 2 cents: I’ve always been a ‘dog’ person, but have been very happy with a cat in the house. She’s very dog-like in that she comes to meet you when you come home, likes petting/human contact, and loves to play.

  18. And I’ll second the shelter idea. The pet stores have dozens of cute kittens which tug at the heartstrings, but any good shelter should have lots of cats to pick from. A good shelter will have brief bios with age, disposition, and habits. If it takes several trips to find one you like, so be it–definitely not a decision you should rush into!

  19. Ok, I know you’ve ALL been waiting for my opinion on this. =P

    I hate cats. Always have. I’m a dog person. Not only that, I am a BIG dog person. The bigger, the better. While cats don’t require that much attention, I hate the fact that most of them HATE being held and touched unless they initiate contact. *shudders* I love Viv just because she’s more childlike than catlike in the sense that she needs love and adoration.

    With that said, I do understand that you’re more of a cat person. So, one word of advice: Litter Maid. That’s that motorized litter box that will sift the cat poo out 10 minutes after Kitty leaves? I can tolerate cats but NOT cat poo smell. My best friend has the world’s cleanest looking apartment. However, you’re blasted by the smell of the litter box when you walk in …. EVEN THO she scoops 2x a day and cleans it 3 times a week. So, please, for the sake of everyone, get a Litter Maid!!

  20. Amy said to ask me so for what its worth, The 2 cats we have love to use the back of the sofa as a scratching post, they also will dig their claws into the carpet over and over, kinda like if you were wearing golf shoes with spikes in the house and trying to clean mud off them. Im sure you know what I think of that. Try sleeping with one walking around meowing, and I dont mean the nice quiet little kitty meow you get when you pet one, you can hear this if your in the other room or upstairs. Dont even think of not washing the supper dishes, they will be into them. But I do get major satisfaction when my aim is spot on and one of the little buggers meets one of my hiking boots traveling at a high rate of speed. I could say more but I expect Cindy to weigh in with her opinion.

  21. don’t declaw! it is truly barbaric, and leaves your cat defenceless against other predators.
    mina is an indoor cat. i know all the arguments against keeping them in, but i do believe they’re truly safer in than out. i have had too many cats killed in the past by posioning, other animals and cars, so i put an end to it. however, when i move out of this darned flat and buy my own place i will be getting one of those shelters rigged to a cat door (my brother calls them kitty prisons), that way she has access to the outdoors but is still safe. they have examples of them here

  22. “I hate the fact that most of them HATE being held and touched unless they initiate contact.”

    Huh? What kind of cats have you been trying to pet? All my girls (and all the cats I’ve had in the past) love being touched and petted. None of them mind being held either, as long as you hold them securely. Plus, I’ve met many dogs (and don’t get me wrong, I love dogs) who wouldn’t let anyone near them or get snappy if you try to pet them.

  23. LOL, Adrien. It’s probably some kind of Texas-only breed. EVERY SINGLE CAT I have ever come across will be curious at first, and after the novelty wears off, they’re all high and mighty. I will admit, however, that for the longest time I DID want one of those cat breeds that love to play in water – I think they’re called Turkish Water Cats??

  24. Well, I desperately want a Pug (the world’s most cat-like dog)so I guess we’re even!

  25. I’ve always had a cat and now I have Tipsy here in Bloomington w/ me. She’s been here for about 2 years and makes me crack up @ least once a day. She’s worth it for that. You have never quite woken up BOLTING out of bed unless you’ve had your eyebrow licked (or maybe some of you have). So that’s one of my suggestions: DO NOT feed them in the morning, b/c they like to be fed earlier than you will like 🙂

    I’ve had outdoor cats and indoor cats. I’ve had loving, touch-me cats and moody little wild cats. The thing about cats is that they all have their own personality. It’s like in “Meet the Parents” – dogs will love just about anyone, but you have to earn a cat’s love. The phrase finicky feline didn’t just happen. Sometimes she a little more like having another roommate…who licks me awake. Uh, nevermind.

    As for the stinkiness…cats are very, very clean. (in some instances, cleaner than said roommates) Catnip is hours of fun for you and the kitty. And if you can get your hands on a Littermaid, IT IS A GIFT FROM A CAT-LOVING GOD. It’s a little loud, but just knowing that you don’t have to scoop poop is enough for me. It’s an electric litter box w/ a sensor that causes a rake to well, rake across the box. You use fast clumping litter and 10 minutes after your little angel drops a bit, it’s scooped into a little container @ the end WITH A LID ON TOP. I giggled like everyone else when I saw the infomercial, but I’ve a convert.

    I say go kitty. And so does my cat…she’s sitting on my lap as I write this and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    (that sappy enough for you?) 🙂

  26. I’m going to come out strongly pro-cat (for obvious reasons). If there’s any concern about the kitten getting lonely during the day, the easy answer is to just get two to keep each other company. (Of course, the danger of that is that they make friends with each other instead of with you.)

    Everyone should have a kitten.

  27. The best cats have always been poor neglected stray kittens I’ve picked up off the street. They seem to be so grateful for being rescued. The biggest consideration in having a cat (imo) is it’s level of hygiene. Sheesh, I draw the line if a cat won’t use the litter pan or slightly less offensive, doesn’t cover up it’s work. If it’s own mother didn’t teach it proper etiquete, you’ll have to. Try to find a kitten that will let you hold it like a baby on it’s back without squirming like the devil to get away. You want one that doesn’t mind being messed with and is more likely to enjoy physical affection as it grows older. Unless of course you are like your dad you want one that will run like hell when you enter the room. That’s a trait simple to train. Just yell and chuck your shoes at it. (what your dad won’t tell you is that he secretly loves to play with the cats using the red lazer scope. They are quite funny chasing it all over the place.) Of course the scope is attached to the gun….unloaded naturally.

  28. Nora, that picture made me go “D’ooooh!”. What lovely babies! Here are mine, all hopped up on the nip.

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