Today the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story about TiVo! It’s mostly fluff and it doesn’t say they’re bringing it out here or anything, but at least it’s a mention.


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  1. Greta story–plus they mention the hilarious episode of The King of Queens that started the whole thing. Based on my “Now Playing” list, my TiVo thinks I’m an 8-year-old (tons of cartoons) who really likes vintage sitcoms (TV Land shows all over the place).

    Maybe this means TiVo is getting closer to you, Kris! Dare we dream?

  2. Um, that would be a “GREAT story,” not a “Greta” (as in Garbo and Van Sustewhatshername) story. My bad.

  3. Don’t even tease me. I can’t get my hopes dashed again. DON’T THEY REALIZE THAT TIVO WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE? *sob*

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