According to this site, there is exactly one “Kristine Howard” running around the UK. As it ain’t me, I must conclude that I have a doppelganger. If any of you Brits meet her, see if you can figure out which one of us is the “evil” twin, okay? (Link courtesy of Kristen, who is a unique snowflake.)

[Sidenote: I really, really hope the webmaster was going for an SMS type “You R Not Me” type name. Otherwise that’s just the worst case of misplacing apostrophes (and misspelling contractions) that I’ve seen lately. Helpful tip: spell-check your domain names, folks.]


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  1. I suppose it’s possible in the UK, but I guarantee, I’m not unique in the US. “Hmmmm, late 70’s, we’ve already had 3 daughters, what’s popular? How about Jennifer Lynn! That’s great”

    There are a million and 7 (give or take)

  2. yeah, i know i’m not unique in the US. kristen is a much more popular name over there. people know how to spell it and pronounce it too, which is quite a buzz. i freakin’ hate being called kirsten.

  3. I even get the Kirsten thing, since most people aren’t used to Kristine spelled with a “K” and often just don’t bother reading the whole word. Pisses me off to no end.

  4. the same happens in reverse – when i’m in the states or talking to americans i get kristy all the time and it drives me nuts too.

    i even get my own emails quoted back at me with the “kirsty wrote” bit swizzled to “kristy wrote” – do they really think i spelt my own name wrong?!

  5. How unexciting, I don’t have my own doppelganger in the UK. There are people that get my name wrong right after I clearly told them what it was. “Erma. Emma? Erma. Er? Erma. Erma? Yeah.” heheh

  6. Ha! Feel my pain, Kirsty. 🙂 (BTW – I just discovered your blog yesterday. It’s great! I’ll be visiting…)

    I can kinda see that Erma, mostly because you don’t look at all how I expected an “Erma” to look. (I saw you on your site.) All the other Ermas I know are big frumpy housewife types. So be happy, you’re rehabilitating your name! 🙂

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