OmniWeb 4.2 Beta 2 is now out for you OS X kids. It seems to fix that annoying bug that made it crash every two seconds. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to switch back from Safari


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  1. Okay, I finally decided to give OmniWeb a try. And I’m sold. I don’t know why I haven’t downloaded it before!

    Safari pisses me off in a lot of ways. I don’t like the fact that the browser doesn’t show the URL of the links you scroll over, and I don’t like how it continues to load a page even after you’ve clicked on another hyperlink. It’s fast, yet slow in a lot of ways.

    The only thing I’d really like to see on OmniWeb is that nice little Google field up there on the menu bar. That thing rocks.

    What about you, Kris? You have any complaints, compliments, etc. about OmniWeb and Safari?

  2. Ah, but it kinda does have the google thing! If you look in the “Shortcuts” panel of the Preferences, there are shortcuts you can set for typing in the address bar. Change the google one to read . Then when you wanna do a google search, just type “google whatever” in your location bar. You can even shorten the keyword if you want. It just replaces it with whatever you’ve got set. So you can even make ones for the imdb and amazon and stuff. It’s pretty sweet. I liked the Safari google one, but I thought it was kinda weird that they just locked you into that without any kind of customization allowed.

    I’ve been trying out the “Check for Update Bookmarks” feature of Omniweb lately. It’s a nice way to see which of y’all’s weblogs has been updated. It does seem to pick up tiny changes, like an increase in comment numbers, but I’m too lazy to go to an external blogrolling – or heaven forbid, RSS system – for my daily read. So that’s nice. You can also put folders in the browser’s bookmark bar, which means I’ve got all my weblog links right there in a quick drop-down.

    Basically I just love all the different options you can set with OmniWeb. I’ve got mine set to never open new windows except in response to a link being clicked, which means I never see pop ups. Also, if you go to “Browser -> Customize Toolbar” you can set up your buttons and stuff the way you like. I tend to surf with the images turned off (for faster loading) so I’ve got a “Load Images” button up there.

    Like I said, I liked Safari because it was fast and looked good. But there were annoyances, like the link thing you mentioned and just the total lack of customization options at this point. If it brings in tabs though, I’m going to be sorely tempted to switch it up for daily reading…

  3. Oh! And I hope you read OmniWeb’s User License when you installed. If you didn’t, read it when you next update. It’s the first EULA I’ve actually read and enjoyed. They seem like a great, laid-back kinda company. And the OmniWeb nag messages are pretty funny too (though they appear infrequently, so you might not have gotten one of those yet).

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