Curses! I am foiled by my own celebrity. The third Australian series of Big Brother will be starting up soon… and I know someone with the inside scoop. Today I pleaded with Deep Throat to reveal some of the surprises in store. “No way!” they said. “I know you. You’ll post it all over your bloody website!” I was forced to admit that I would. Thus I remain just as clueless as the rest of you. I did manage to wrangle forth one little tidbit: “This year it’s all about the house.” Apparently they’ve just spent an incredible amount on it, and I’m guessing that it’s going to have some fun hidden features. There supposedly was a recent press release saying something about a glass wall down the middle that will separate the boys from the girls. Deep Throat wouldn’t confirm or deny this, but I got the distinct impression that it’s a red herring. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough!


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  1. can i tell you what i know? i already heard that they’re rebuilding the house so that it’s divided into two seperate areas – rich and poor. one side will have all the gadgets and nice stuff, the other will be like bum town. it’ll be seperated by a glass wall so they can see each other on their own sides. another thing i heard was that they’re only going to have a certain amount of beds so they have to bunk up with someone via vote from the audience.
    hope i don’t get in trouble if i’m right about this stuff 😛

  2. The bit about the division into rich and poor halves sounds like what they did in the third UK season of the show, except that there it was bars rather than a glass wall. It fell to the guests to choose who got to be on which side, according to who won the various tasks. As you can imagine, this caused a certain amount of friction…

  3. Well, since you brought it up… My source indicated that the Aussie version will NOT do the rich vs. poor thing. For what it’s worth…

  4. hmm really? my source must suck then, haha

  5. Well, I think the producers are deliberately spreading misinformation so it stays a surprise. That’s what my source sorta hinted, at any rate.

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