Sweeeeeeet. There’s going to be a Buffy Convention in Melbourne in May! I’m trying to talk the Snook into going. (Link courtesy of orangecat.)


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  1. can you believe there is going to be a cocktail party? i wonder if they’ll only serve bloody marys?

  2. Anya! Hee, you have to go.

  3. I’m jealous. Did I mention that I’m sitting here in the coolest present I’ve gotten in a while? THANKS!!! I love it! And I’ll be the coolest big kid picking up my new Harry Potter. Wow, Buffy & Harry Potter…I am super cool 🙂

    My old roommate’s getting married in April and I keep telling her she needs to invite Sarah & Freddie. The best man (I’m the maid of honor) is her cousin and they’re ‘very close.’ Scott’s met her and I say, at least they’ll get a good present, but perhaps I will get to add the first female to my wall of fame.

    Heavens, that sounds questionable, doesn’t it? But I do have an impressive (picture) wall of fame. You’re all 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon, among others.

  4. Wait. Your roommate’s cousin actually KNOWS SMG? That’s awesome! She should definitely send them an invitation. At the very least, they’ll have to send a reply and she’ll get an autograph! And if not, she can sell the story to the tabloids and say how SMG is a non-RSVPing beeatch. 🙂

    Glad you like the scarf! I was hoping you’d get it before all the snow thawed there.

  5. Really, Nora? You think Anya’s worth it? She’s not really one of my favorites. (Of course, I’ve only seen up through Season 4 so maybe she gets a lot better.) I’d go just to see all the memorabilia and stuff.

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