Wow! Two guys climbed the Sydney Opera House this morning and painted “NO WAR” on it in giant red letters. While I admire the sentiment, couldn’t they have defaced an unattractive building? Like, say, Kirribilli House?


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  1. seriously wow. how on earth did they get up there and manage to paint all that in such huge letters?!

  2. No idea. And it was, like, a 40-year-old and a 30-year-old! Daredevil peaceniks, I guess.

  3. that rules. i like how one of their charges was “climbing a structure and painting it.” and also that the brit wanted nothing but a cup of tea after he got out of jail! ha! i can’t believe australia is willing to send troops – it’s outrageous.

  4. i love nukes!!!!

  5. I think it’s a shame they had to paint all over such a striking building, but you’ve got to admire their bravery and ingenuity in climbing up there and painting such a large message in a short spell of time.

    Just one minor question: the article reported that “Both men were released on bail this afternoon after being charged, on condition they not enter the CBD until the mention of their case at the Downing Centre local court on April 16.” What’s the “CBD”?

  6. John, central business district. Just the main part of the city, basically.

  7. Which is where the Opera House is located, of course.

    Apparently they carried up rollers on long sticks, which is how they painted such large letters so quickly.

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