Found yesterday stuffed in our mailbox…

Patrons Please Note: Traditional Thai Massage Does Not Involve Sex!


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  1. No sex? What a rip!

  2. Yeah, really. I wouldn’t bother patronizing this joint, yo.

  3. Bor-ing! That photo is somewhat at odds with the disclaimer down the bottom.

  4. From the viewpoint of a massage therapist (and one not wanting to perform sexual services, at that!), I wanted to mention that if this lady wants customers, a mailshot or door-to-door seems a poor choice of publicity method… talk about greatest opportunity for misunderstanding!

    Crazy(and trading regular “horror” stories with her fellow students/collegues now)Soph

    PS appropo to nothing, Kris, my webpage refuses to update, so it still points to your old address… am working on fixing that!

  5. Hi crazysoph! Actually there are a *lot* of massage parlors around here. The sad fact is, most of them are just fronts for brothels. Prostitution is legal here, and most “massage parlors” display a conspicuous lack of signage about the services they actually perform. I think this lady just wanted to make sure we knew she was legit. 🙂

  6. *nods with sympathy* I can understand her desire to distinguish herself from the “service” of those other places, being in a similar situation myself. (So far, my best defense has been to not acknowledge anyone who makes “jokes”, after coldly informing them that they are *way* out of line… the news has been getting round my local circle of acquaintences, and the friends are mightily sympathetic). It’s a fact of life, and a professional hazard, that places offering more “intimate” services have had to hijack names and images from less salubrious establishments. They do it here too in Ireland, and you can guess how legal prostitution would be here. 😉

    It’s just,… well… yeah, some people seem to make it more difficult for themselves, eh? One of our class lectures/discussions was how we’d go about minimizing the exposure to potential annoying people, while still finding legit clients.

    It continues to be a hopping topic, involving the type of environment one practices in, all the way to how cooperative your local Yellow/Golden pages publishers are in letting you decide the catagory your business is registered in. (For instance: I’ve been told to try getting listed in “alternative” or “complimentary” medicine, since the folks who’ve gotten heartily tired of the dirty phone calls have pretty much abandoned the heading “massage”.)

    TMI? Thanks for letting me spout!

    PS still no action from Blogspot. Ah well, the service is free so I’m at the bottom of a large list of priorities, I’ll have to recognize.

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