Me and SnookBirthday Recap
The Snook took me out Saturday to the Sydney Opera House to see The Way of the World, a Restoration comedy starring Miriam Margolyes. It was fantastic. Afterwards we headed to the top floor of the Toaster to Cadmus, where we drank cocktails and stuffed ourselves with the best Lebanese food I’ve ever had. On Sunday we had the regular crew over for beer and board games, where yours truly scored the Pictionary World Record of All Time. (Upon seeing the topic for an “All Play”, Major joked that it would be a tough one for me. Correctly deducing that it was probably something Australian, as soon as the clock started I yelled out “Vegemite! Bob Hawke!” Everyone groaned. It had been Vegemite.) We also played The Fellowship of the Ring (where we hobbits successfully destroyed the One Ring) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (where, as the Master, I was defeated in my attempt to enslave all humanity). All in all, an excellent way to start year number twenty-seven.


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  1. Mmmm, Lebanese food. Did you try the homos?

  2. Buh. Wish I had geeky friends to spend geeky birthday parties with. Everyone I know now is too normal and redneck-y. And I’m the only one in our huge circle of friends who liked Chicago.

  3. Geek birthday parties rock! For me, it’s always cupcakes and board games. And isn’t the Buffy board game surprisingly fun? I wish more people knew about it (I hate being Oz, though–all that changing back and forth).

  4. Actually, Max, we played the *other* Buffy game. You still get to be characters, but it’s more card based and strategic. My sister got me the one you have, but it’s still in the US right now.

  5. My bad–I’ve never played the card game. You’ll love it when you get the board-game Buffy, though. It looks cheesy and cheap, but it’s really fun and takes some major team effort to play and win. Okay, my commercial is over. 🙂

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