So. Damn. Close
The Snook, Steve, and I came achingly close to carrying off both trivia prizes tonight. We tied for first place but lost the tiebreaker, which was something about the number of days hostages were held in Fiji in 2000. (We were 16 days off; the winners 14.) That was bearable, though, since we still won $30 bar tab for next week. (Personal highlight: knowing both TV shows that featured Jim Neighbors and winning a jug of beer for identifying Cindy Crawford based on her SAT scores.) The real pain came with the jackpot questions: What is the name of the New Zealand Women’s Cricket team? Which book of the Bible featured “The love of money is the root of all evil”? And which producer worked with Madonna on her “Ray of Light” album? We guessed “the All Whites”, the book of “Timothy”, and “William Orbit”. Answers 2 and 3 were correct… Answer 1 was “The White Ferns.” We missed out on $750 BY ONE FREAKIN’ WORD. And the Quiz Master set ours aside and read everybody else’s *wrong* answers first, thus making us sure that we had won. Trivia is a cruel, cruel mistress.


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  1. I wish I lived in Australia. Then I’d have a tan. And I’d rule at quizzes, for I knew the answers to all of those questions. Really. I’m not lying in the least-est. So I languish here, in the land of crap quizzes, and never win anything. And remain as white as a milk bottle. Poor, poor me. So, the moral of this story is; it could be worse. Far, far worse!

  2. I think those questions are pretty tough; I’m guess I’m glad that I’m in a land of no sun and easy (well, easier) pub quizzes.

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